Bike Repair

Andy Bradshaw


"Bicycle maintenance can seem like a mystic art if you haven't had any experience of it - this can be dispelled very easily with a few basics!

If you have any bicycle issues or even just want to know what condition your bike is in, then bring it along for us to check over and potentially acquire some of those basics to help you keep it in good shape.


I've been involved with bicycles since my youth, building them, racing them, breaking them, repairing them...sometimes for myself and sometimes for others, sometimes paid, sometimes not. I've worked as a cycle mechanic on and off over the years and recently have set-up Radler Bike Maintenance in East Linton after nearly a decade of working in the wind energy sector."

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Mark James

"Keeping your bike roadworthy makes cycling more enjoyable. Regular checks and minor maintenance helps your bike to run smoothly and avoid potential problems. Having a basic level of knowledge will increase your confidence to use your bike regularly and ride your bike further afield.


I have been fettling bikes for over 40 years. I have a Weldtech (now Velotech) Gold qualification, and just as importantly have maintained a shed full of bikes. I have run Dr Bike sessions and basic bike maintenance workshops for Sustaining Dunbar and volunteered at the Bike Station.


Look forward to passing on my knowledge. Come along and learn by doing."